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Small Business Grants - March 2024

The SEWN staff will continue to search for grants, loans, and other resources for small-to-medium sized businesses. Here are the ones we've seen in the last few weeks.

$20,000 - $50,000


April 1, 2024 deadline

Grants up to $10,000 for business persons

Philadelphia PA

March 31 and September 30, 2024 deadlines

Fueling stations, convenience stores, hypermarket fueling stations, fleet facilities, and similar entities with capital investments) for eligible implementation activities related to higher blends of fuel ethanol greater than 10 percent ethanol, such as E15 or higher; and biodiesel greater than 5 percent biodiesel, such as B20 or higher.

September 1, 2024 deadline

Provides loans, grants, and loan/grant combinations to facilitate broadband deployment in rural areas.

May 21, 2024 deadline

Fast Break for Small Business Grant Program

$10,000 grant and/or $500 in LegalZoom products/services

September 13, 2024 deadline


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